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PPCWinner Affiliate Program

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The PPCWINNER affiliate program is an extremely attractive affiliate program. It is designed to enable you to make money and generate additional revenue by directing customers to the PPCWINNER website.

We offer first class Amazon automation tool with features covering Amazon SEO marketing, PPC management, AI-powered advertising automation, interactive dashboard and so much more. PPCWINNER is proud to serve the top brands and agencies worldwide to grow their Amazon business.
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How to Become PPCWinner Affiliate? As Simple As You Think

  • Signup to the affiliate program at this become an affiliate link, where you will receive a dedicated code including earnings revenue, as well as create affiliate links.
  • Refer customers/friends/site visitors through this link and you are good to go!

Who Can Apply?

  • Anyone that has a relevant website with targeted customer's traffic, Facebook group, other social networks, and members club etc can apply.
  • Once registered, you will have access to a management system where you can see real-time performance or earnings data and more.
  • We are open to any idea of collaboration, if you have a website/group and would like to do a live event with our experts, an interview or anything else that will add value to your customers, we here at PPCWINNER will support and provide with tools as much as we can.

Terms and Conditions

Becoming a PPCWINNER Affiliate

We accept affiliate requests from owners of blogs/websites/social media/videos with authentic and original content.

It might take some time to process your request to join the program for approval.

The approval is granted after a careful examination by the PPCWINNER team of experts.

How to Promote PPCWINNER?

PPCWINNER will aid you with essential documentation and assets to manage your promotional activities. The marketing toolkit offers products description/reviews, videos, images, banners,and so on. It is important that you use them wisely as they purely created for supporting your efforts and sustain your conversions.

Payment Options


To receive direct deposit payment, you need to provide PPCWINNER with your banking information such as the bank name, account number and other required identifying information. Choosing this option might have additional transfer costs as might appear with the bank during the transfer.


If you choose to be paid by PayPal, you need to provide your PayPal mailing address.

Amazon gift card

In this payment method, you will get gift cards in primary email address on your account for the amount you have earned.

Remember, PPCWINNER team will verify each and every conversion. Once approved, we will release the payment.
If you have a popular website or large social following, you may be qualified to earn more. Ask our expert HERE. (If we offer this facility).

Your Success Is Our Success

Oh, and there are bonuses too...!!

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