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A special offer for Payoneer customers, Free audit of your Amazon PPC campaigns.
As a Payoneer customer you can use the following code PAYONEER100 to get 10 free audit reports of your campaigns on amazon.
Just go to
Super Analyzer  and when requested to pay add the code PAYONEER100 to get 100% discount.

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This tool is A Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Amazon PPC Activity

How to make / save money using the Super Analyzer – 4 quick wins

Go to the Search term analysis using the 20/80 rule

Open the full report tab -> filter the ones that generated over 80% of the sales

  • It is an ASIN -> launch a competitor campaign

  • Resulting - > saving time, making more sales,
    reducing wasted ad spent

Go to Stop the bleeding and reduce the AcOS

ANALYSIS AUTO CAMPAIGNS- NON CONVERTORS  -> open the full report tab -> identify the non-converting Asins -> add them to the product negative list on the auto campaign

  • AcOS reduced

  • Wasted ad spent is stopped

Stop wasting money

Go to the Search term analysis using the 20/80 rule -> open the full report tab -> filter out the search terms that are not converting well -> remove them and shift the budget to the ones that are generating better

  • AcOS reduced

  • Less ad spent

  • More sales

Make more sales using your competitors

Go to ANALYSIS AUTO CAMPAIGNS- CONVERTORS -> check if you can find asins of competitors that you are making sales from - > launch a new Product Targeting campaign using those Asins

  • More Sales

  • Improved AcOS

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