3 Advertising Strategies & What It Means for Amazon in 2021

2020’s infamous global pandemic might have affected the advertising efforts, regardless Amazon advertising revenue jumped 51% from the previous year to almost $5.4 billion in Q3.

One of the reason for this huge success is Amazon’s ability to take the lead in polishing their advertising strategy, making the platform more relevant and specific, along with introducing new products and tools for Amazon advertisers.

Therefore, if you want to stay one step ahead and competitive, irrespective of your product category, an effective Amazon advertising plan has to be placed that compliments with your overall sales strategy. To accomplish that you need to learn new trend and upcoming features that help grow your brand and increase sales in2021 rather than relying on the Amazon advertising strategies of years prior.

Strategy #1:More Personalised Advertising

One of the strategy that Amazon advertising experts will most certainly witness in 2021 is the increase of personalised advertising across the entire conversion funnel.

Amazon advertising has come a long way from when advertisers used to target a keyword and expect to see huge success. Now, online advertising is progressing and becoming more data driven. Consumers are showing interest in semi-bespoke ads which are more engaging when compared to generic advertisements.

With the amount of data that Amazon has in store about its consumers will greatly help Amazon’s ad console to utilise in creating more personalised ads on the marketplace the same we have seen from Sponsored Display ads in 2020. PPC keywords will stay as relevant as it was in2020 and have a place on the marketplace, however as Amazon continues to build a databank around each specific customer, Amazon will Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display ads with tailor-made personalization in 2021. Brands that quick access to these new ad betas should utilise them immediately to get a head start on the competition.

Strategy #2:Video Advertising Will Become More Popular

Even though not new, but this advertising format will most likely to remain very popular due to its versatility in 2021 as well. People still react to videos content more than any other format and brands are learning to use this in their favor by using video in innovative ways to engage with their customers which bring more traffic as compared to static ads. The platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, will gain traction for advertisers to create simple, engaging, short-form video ads in 2021.

Amazon has already attempted video platform on their marketplace with the introduction of Sponsored Brand Videos in 2020, first on mobile and now on desktop. However, we can expect to see the expansion of their video advertising options on the Amazon Advertising console to provide the most direct, engaging and fast shopping possible on the marketplace to improve conversion rate.

Strategy #3:Mobile Advertising Will Only Flourish

Mobile advertising would never lose its impact and is guaranteed to be one of the main center of attraction in online advertising of 2021, more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People have already increased the time they spend on their smart phones and mobile devices than ever, and advertisers are using this fact to gain some profit. The best example of this is the ‘story’ ad format on almost all social media platform has become popular in 2020 and most recently on LinkedIn and YouTube utilizing. Online advertisers have already begun using this new feature to promote their brands and services.

Amazon in all probability will utilise new features available on their mobile app in 2021 to further engage with mobile shoppers. One possible way that Amazon can provide brand is to use‘ story’ ad format for promoting their brand story or USPs targeted towards shoppers who follow the brand on the marketplace. It would result in improved customer retention and even better conversion.

Final Thoughts

Implementing these strategies to your Amazon advertising campaigns requires you to focus individually on each of the campaigns and targeting them accordingly. It would be much easier to achieve with a well-structured Amazon PPC campaign created by professionals. You can get a well-built and optimized Amazon PPC Campaign here at PPC Winner.

The Amazon advertising market will keep transforming in 2021, which started in 2020. We wish you all the best to take the lead and emerge as a winner in New Year.

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