3 Way to Capture Sales with Last-Minute Christmas Advertising Campaigns

Christmas is almost here. You might have set your Christmas PPC campaigns in advance. It is still good to consider tweaking things to double your sales chances on last-minute shoppers this holiday season. 

"An online survey by Shopify revealed that 43% of shoppers planned to make their final purchases in the last three days before Christmas."  

Before you re-create your Amazon advertising strategy for capturing last-minute shoppers, ensure to know your delivery times. If you can't deliver your product before Christmas, don't say so and make false promises. 

Once you are sure of your delivery times and your cut-off dates for providing your products to your customers, you can begin building your holiday advertising strategy. Here are our top 3 tips for capturing those last-minute Christmas shoppers and increase.

Run Your PPC Campaign for Seasonal Searches

If we evaluate past data, the type of Google search peaks every December, and it's any version of 'gifts' or 'gift ideas' for literally anyone you can think of. If you haven't included such search terms in your content, then it's too late to create it now and get it ranked.

However, what you can do is that you can still do something with these highly purchase-driven searches by creating a dedicated PPC landing page or category.

The best part is that you don't need to wait for your page to be seen by your target audience and ranked by Google. Instead, you can run PPC ads to target these specific searches. Write a good ad copy with the best-curated headlines and descriptions around the best search phrase and add your targeted page URL.

Review your final campaign, and once you think it is good to go, present it to the outer world.  

Create Hyper-Specific Remarketing Campaigns

There is an ideal time and place for running broadly targeted campaigns that help increase brand awareness and your products' overall reach. The run-up to Christmas is certainly not of those times.

It is the perfect time to focus on people who have interacted with your business in the past. Some of the most worthwhile audiences currently are those who have:

  • Visited specific categories and your product pages but never purchased
  • Added but abandoned a cart full of products later 
  • Purchased your products multiple times in the past
  • Interact with your emails and Facebook ads frequently

Here, the data you can leverage through your email service provider and the Facebook ads manager will be precious as there's such a short timeline for getting your sale in front of the right people.

Announce a Cut-off Day for Delivery in Time for Christmas 

Since we are a few days away from Christmas day, one of the most raised concerns from shoppers is the last day to order and if it is possible to receive their products in time.

If you fail to provide this information, they will naturally move to your competitor that does. The good news is that you can add this piece of information to your campaign and market it on any of your preferred marketing channels.

Once you identify your cut-off date, you can make the most out of FOMO—the fear of missing out—that last-minute shoppers usually have and act upon immediately. You can create a dedicated page for Christmas deliveries with mentioning details such as shipping options and how they can affect delivery times for specific locations.

Announcing your cut-off dates through email is also a great way to inform those that are not proactive enough to search for this information before the scheduled time or date.

Get Started Rolling In Those Last-Minute Shoppers!

You can still make December your best month. If you were in a panic mode about Christmas sales until now, it's time to quickly create and implement these straightforward Christmas campaigns.

Regardless of how much advertising, promotion, and sales you have done this holiday season, it is not too late to ramp up your holiday advertising campaigns and target those last-minute shoppers. It would be best if you focused on the quick wins by:

  • Targeting searches with Christmas-themed shop categories and landing pages
  • Focusing on people who have shown a lot of interest in buying from you in the past
  • Trigger FOMO with a cut-off date for final Christmas orders

Keep creating new ideas, and do not stop planning your campaigns until the end of December because the shopping won't stop with Christmas. And remember to celebrate!

At PPCwinner, we work intently with clients to ensure they receive the best results from their Amazon PPC campaigns. If you are running short on time or need an extra hand, we are here to help. Just schedule a call with our expert and discuss your requirements. 

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