4 Effective Amazon Keyword Tips for Improved Rankings

Gradually Amazon is becoming its own search engine with more and more people directly coming to the eCommerce website instead of going through the route of Google search. That's why it's become increasingly significant for Amazon sellers to optimize their keywords to enhance their product rankings as well as conversion rates.

Here are a few crucial tips that would help you in acquiring better exposure and improve your chances of getting more sales.

Concentrate on Your Amazon Audience

Google is an all-round platform with people coming in to search with a variety of intents. On the other hand, people come to Amazon with only one intent - making a purchase. This is a key difference that drives a wedge between Amazon and Google audiences.

That's why it's important to tailor your keywords for an audience that's looking to buy a particular product. Use different combinations of keywords to find out the ones with higher conversion rates.

Include Keywords in Your Product Listings

Once you've finalized a list of keywords, you have to include them in your listings. However, keep in mind that unlike Google keywords, you only have to mention the keywords only once. For Google's search engine, multiple keyword placement is necessary for ranking. However, with Amazon ads, that's not necessary at all.

Ideally, you should put your most important keyword in the title of the listing while the rest can go into the description.

A quick tip, to improve your SEO and Organic sales, take the keywords that your products is ranked on the 2nd page and add it to your product description. It will help to improve conversions on these keywords and moving to the 1st page.

Research Your Competitors

If you are attempting to compete on a keyword, try to find out who else is competing with you. Check out their listing and identify the ways in which you can position your product as a better alternative. Most importantly, observe the pricing as Amazon takes into account to evaluate your conversion rate which determines your ranking.

Apart from the price, look at the content of your competition listing. Make sure your titles, photos, and descriptions are as good as theirs if not better.

Make Use of Amazon-centric Keyword Tools

As mentioned earlier, the behavior of Amazon users is quite different from Google's user. Try to find tools that will help you identify keywords that are Amazon-centric. For example, you can use PPC Winner that conducts deep keyword research and manages your PPC campaigns that result in higher conversions.

You can always use the Amazon search to look for the keywords people are using to search for your product.

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