5 Amazon Advertising Mistakes You Just Can’t Afford to Make in 2020

The year 2020 hasn’t been a blessing for most businesses across the globe, yet Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive each new day. Why? Take a look at these number:

●   Did you know that there were more than 225,000 sellers on Amazon with $100K+ sales in 2019?

●   Amazon sales records $4,722 each second, $283,000 per minute, and $17 million per hour

●   Amazon share in the US eCommerce market? A whopping 45%!

So why do some sellers make it big while others struggle to break even? One of the biggest secrets to success for top sellers on Amazon is the implementation of the perfect Amazon advertisement strategy.

Amazon Ads and Why You Should Invest in it in 2020?

You might have noticed some item listings on Amazon with added labels like “Sponsored by…” or “Ad”. These are called promoted or advertised products, or simply Amazon Ads.

Sellers or marketers looking to get more visibility for their product on Amazon can pay ad positions by bidding on certain keywords. Similar to other online marketing strategies, advertisers will be charged when their ads get clicked by shoppers on Amazon.

The ads can, and cannot be relevant to the searched term. For example, you can see ads for bicycles on the far right side of the Amazon page when looking for a backpack. Amazon advertising enhances your chances of selling more.

Here are the top 5 Amazon advertising mistakes you have to avoid for a successful ad campaign on Amazon.

#1 Adding Changes and Reducing Budget Inquisitively

This is one of the most common mistakes first time advertisers and new sellers do with Amazon advertising. Amazon sellers have to realize that all ad campaigns have a learning phase.

All kinds of ad campaigns have to be given a small amount of running time before making any kind of significant changes. Over-management is a huge blunder. Inquisitive changes and modification are some of the biggest problems with manual ad campaigns also.  

#2 Lacking ACoS Goal

To run an Amazon PPC campaign without calculating ACoS is a risk. Not having a defined objective or goal will only lead you to the wastage of money and efforts.

Make sure you have set a maximum ad cost per sale rate that you’ll be able to afford for a specific campaign. For new entrants in the business, the key is to focus on enhancing sales rather than targeting profit margins. This is the point where you will have to focus on breaking even the ACoS. You can target maximizing your profits when you start getting ranked for potential keywords.

The moral of the story? calculating ACoS is important!

#3 Skipping Keyword Research

Many sellers and advertisers miss out on a huge amount of sales by doing an average level of keyword research for their ad campaigns. Targeting relevant keywords is as important as targeting the right amount of keywords.

Also, a significant benefit of running paid ads on Amazon is that the sellers can check which end of their funnel keywords are actually bringing in conversions for their products.  

This is another common flaw sellers make while running manual campaigns. Testing and optimization of keywords is not at all comprisable on Amazon PPC and advertising.

#4 Not Analyzing Reports Intuitively

Similar to keyword researching, the analysis of performance reports is also very important. For long-term success on Amazon, ignoring reports just can’t be an option for any niche of seller. One of the key factors to keep an eye on in reports is ACoS.

Some of the best Amazon PPC consultants advise all kinds of Amazon sellers, especially the new ones to check their reports every 3rd or 4th day of a campaign.

#5 Ignoring Campaign Monitoring

Campaign monitoring is important for all levels of Amazon sellers and advertisers. Another most common mistake committed by many Amazon sellers is that they just don’t take campaign monitoring seriously. The reasons for this ignorance are endless. Some don’t have enough time and some are too lazy to check their progress at regular intervals.

Marketers and Amazon sellers just can’t leave their campaigns to fate. Regular monitoring and optimization is the key to a successful ad campaign on Amazon. Monitoring metrics like CPC and ACoS is something you just take for granted.

Wrapping it Up: The Major Takeaways

So now that you are all set to get started with Amazon PPC and advertising in 2020, let’s take a quick check of the major things you’re taking away from this guide:

●  No Inquisitive Modifications ✓

●  An ACoS Goal is Important ✓

●  Keyword Research is a Must ✓

●  Analyze Reports Without a Fail ✓

●  Monitor Campaigns Regularly ✓

Amazon advertising is your stepping stone to success on the biggest eCommerce platform in the world Amazon. Make sure you get the right help and guidance for strategizing your ideal Amazon PPC campaign from the best in the business.

PPCWinner’s  award-winning team of expert Amazon sellers can help you in maximizing your viability, as well as profits on Amazon in an effortless and cost-effective manner. All you have to do is to Schedule Your Appointment with Amazon PPC experts at PPCWinner. That’s it!  

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