5 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Repricer 

5 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Repricer 

If you have yet to try an Amazon repricer to help price your products competitively, this is the article for you. Here are the five most common reasons faced by Amazon sellers without an Amazon repricer. 

1. You’re consumed by manual repricing. 

You shouldn't manually reprice your listings every hour when you can focus on tasks that are crucial to the success of your business. An Amazon repricer decreases your workload by automating your listing prices according to the repricing rules you set so you can allocate your time on the tasks that matter. 

2. You’re short-staffed. 

As an online business owner, you need to tackle a never-ending to-do list. And sometimes, you may have a limited budget to scale up your team to manually adjust the prices of thousands of listings. But with an Amazon repricer, you can achieve that without hiring extra hands to change your prices. 

3. Your competition is getting intense. 

Even if you are adjusting your price manually as frequently as possible, you will still lag behind your competitors who are taking advantage of an Amazon repricer. The best solution to counter this, it’s to find an Amazon repricer that can reprice faster. 

BQool Repricing Central allows you to reprice every 5 minutes for 10,000 listings. If you hope to beat other sellers, you must utilize a good repricer that has powerful repricing settings where you can define specific competitors you wish to compete against. 

For example, If you’re an FBA seller, you may want to avoid competing with FBM sellers with poor Feedback performance. 

4. You have trouble adjusting your price based on product cost. 

If you want to maximize your profit, you must get your pricing right. Before you set a price for an item, you need to know the costs behind it, and these may include production cost, Amazon sellers fees, fulfillment and storage fees, promotional expenses, etc. Amazon FBA calculator allows you to figure out how much you will be paying for Fulfillment by Amazon. 

So you have to consider these costs when you set a price for your item to make sure you are not losing money with each sale you make. BQool repricer with an embedded profit calculator enables you to estimate your profit margin and product ROI by taking various Amazon fees into consideration. 

5. You want to win the Buy Box more frequently. 

We all know that the easiest way to gain more sales is to win the Buy Box. Other than feedback rating, selling price is one of the key factors for a seller to win the Buy Box. When many sellers are trying to get the lowest price as possible to win the Buy Box, an Amazon repricer can reprice between a minimum and maximum price to help your price stay competitive instead of driving your price down the bottom. 

What constitutes a good Amazon Repricer? 

The benefit of a repricer should not be ignored. When you are choosing a repricer, you should give yourself time to experiment and compare which repricer works best for you as many repricers offer a 7-14 day trial. Most importantly, read the genuine user reviews on Trustpilot or Capterra can help you make smart purchase decisions. 

Author Bio BQool Inc. is a SaaS company committed to simplifying the day to day tasks that all Amazon sellers face, whether that be dynamic repricing, competitor research, help desk and feedback management or discovering the most profitable products to sell. Sign up for a free trial of the most innovative software solutions available on the market. 

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