5 Tried & Tested Tips for Boosting Your Amazon Conversion Rate in 2021

The conversion rate is definitely the most important metric for any kind of Amazon seller. It tells the seller whether their efforts are influencing their target audiences or not. Conversion rate is one of the major factors considered for determining success or failure on Amazon.

With retailers trying to understand the dos and don’ts of boosting conversions on the global eCommerce leader, this guide explores what a ‘good’ Amazon conversion rate should looks like in 2021, as well as the top 5 tried and tested tips for boosting Amazon conversions rate –something all new and established Amazon sellers must definitely know about!

How to Measure Conversion Rate?

Amazon conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of your sales by the number of visits on your listing. The number of visitors here also includes the return visitors as well.

Here are some other things you will have to take in consideration while measuring your complete online performance:

●  Addition of your products to carts

●  Number of shares on different social media platforms

●  Email newsletter sign-ups captured by ad funnels

What do you call a “Good” Amazon Conversion Rate?

The average conversion rate for eCommerce and online businesses ranges something between 1% to 2% but things on Amazon are a bit different. The average conversion rate on Amazon is 10%, which is almost five times that of the average eCommerce rate. Though calculating the perfect or “Good” conversion rate on Amazon is a bit difficult as there are over 12 million products sold on Amazon in over 36 categories across the globe.

Finding Your Conversion Rate on Amazon

This is actually very easy and involves a few basic calculations using a bunch of numbers available on your dashboard. All you have to do is to open the Amazon’s Seller Central and select the “Reports” option. Now click on the Business Reports section and scroll down to the “By ASIN” category. Select the “Detail Page” option and then click on “Sales and Traffic” option.

Here you will get to see the individual data on sale of all your products on Amazon. Now look for the “Unit Session Percentage”. That’s all!

#1 Sign Up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Sellers on Amazon can leverage the power of FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon. It is considered one of the fastest ways for boosting conversion rates. By signing up for Fulfilment by Amazon, you get to store your products at Amazon’s own fulfillment centers. On your behalf, Amazon would pick, pack and ship products to your customers. This not only eliminates the shipping hassles for your business but also helps you in reaching more customers easily.

In addition to that, Amazon also offers a membership feature called “Prime”. Here your customers can get one or two-day shipping, as well as a lot of other benefits from Amazon. It simply boosts your chances of making sales on Amazon. It is quite obvious that a buyer would prefer a one-day shipping product over an 8-day one.   

#2 SEO Optimization is a Must

This is something you just can’t ignore if you are planning to boost your sales and conversion rate on Amazon. SEO optimization is the enhancement of the quality and quantity of your content so as to get a higher ranking in search results and targeting a high-quality organic audience. Making sure that your product reaches the potential buyer is the most important step in any kind of marketing, including that on Amazon. If your product is unable to reach your ideal customer, then it’s time to optimize your Amazon listing with a strategic and SEO-centric approach. Here is an optimization checklist that you should consider while optimizing your product content on Amazon:

✓ Make sure that your product image is having a pure white background that eliminates distraction

✓ Positive customer reviews are important. Your ideal customer is more likely to press the “Buy Now” button if your product has positive reviews from previous customers

✓ Make sure you have a list of highly researched and profitable keywords. Add them in the appropriate places, such as the title, description, tags, and so forth.

✓ You can also add videos of your product in use

✓ Make your content easy to read. It should have a good amount of bullet points describing the features and functionality of your product

#3 Showcase Your Brand with Amazon Stores

This is one of the key features used by some of the biggest sellers on Amazon from all around the world. Amazon Stores allows you to market your brand and product much precisely and in a multi-page setup that gives your customers a beautiful shopping experience on Amazon. This is pretty much like having your personal website for your products in Amazon’s own ecosystem.  

As per Amazon, “Stores can create and customize a dedicated brand destination on Amazon for your customers with a self-service system at absolutely no additional cost.” This is an amazing option for all kinds and types of Amazon sellers for marketing their brand story and products in a very easy and effortless manner. The best part is that customizing the page is very simple. It is integrated with a drag and drop option for customization and has a number of different pre-designed templates for creating multi-page online stores for your brand and products.  

#4 Offer Highly-Competitive Pricing and Additional Offerings

For the ones competing in some of the most competitive markets, this is a great option for boosting conversion rate on Amazon. All you have to do is to offer a slightly reduced price for your product or shipping. You can also offer free delivery to your customers. People are more likely to press the buy button on products having some kind of offering or perk for them as buyers. You can also try experimenting with discount codes and special offers for returning customers.

#5 Go for Amazon PPC

If you are levering the power of Amazon PPC, you are missing out on profits big time. This is undoubtedly the best way any seller can ever increase their conversion rate on Amazon. It’s easy, it’s budget-friendly, and it definitely works. Your products reach the ideal customer in a much easier and quick manner than other ways, such as organic marketing.

The best part is that you get to target a specific audience and particular, converting keywords rather than just randomly running ads. Also, sellers only have to pay if the customer clicks on the product ad that takes them to the product listing.


The year 2021 is going to be all about the smart strategies seller implement for boosting their profits on Amazon. The competition is booming each new day and sellers need the right tool to stay an edge ahead of their competitors.

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