Amazon Posts - Building Brand Loyalty

Building Brand Loyalty: Amazon Posts

Every Amazon seller out there strives to build a loyal base of followers who buy based on a brand they have come to love. This translates into more than just a few repeat sales - customers who have brand loyalty share and tell the world about your products. But getting to that point and sharing your brand’s product line-up to those who might not know it exists can take a little bit of luck and a lot of work. Every product on Amazon has hundreds of competitors and the attention of buyers is very limited. Highlight one brand over competitors is getting harder and harder to achieve. 

Amazon Posts is a new and efficient method to help sellers build a brand.

Thankfully, Amazon’s latest marketing feature comes in and saves the day. Making it easier for customers to find things they might love while allowing brand owners to curate and post products in a way that aids in discovery, Amazon Posts offers something new and helpful for everyone involved.

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a new way that content is presented to shoppers so they can discover new brands that they may like while seeing deeper into the product catalog of brands they are already buying from. Posts are set up in a feed much like familiar social media platforms are, which makes it user-friendly and easy for customers to dive into without having to relearn any browsing habits. The posts appear at your product page and your competitor’s product pages. 

For now, Posts are comprised of a stream of images only. How that changes in the future is yet to be seen, but these images are not only curated entirely by the brands that are participating in the program but are instantly shoppable with just a click. Consumers click an image that interests them, and they are taken to the product page where they can add the item to their shopping cart and purchase it right then and there.

What’s the Big Deal for Me?

As a seller who works hard to get customers, building brand loyalty is important and can help you reach financial goals and grow your Amazon presence. You are likely putting forth effort not only on Amazon itself, but through various social media channels where people find, and buy products more and more. This is an important aspect of selling your products, but often social media channels don’t offer the focus on e-commerce like advertising on Amazon might.

That’s where Posts becomes a big deal for you. The setup allows you to do basically the same thing you are doing within your social media campaigns, but on a platform that is designed and honed in on the act of selling products to consumers. Participating in the program adds yet another faucet to your marketing strategy and gives you an edge where more consumers are seeing your products and your brand as they search Amazon for the products they need.

For now, a branded post will be published to one or more of the following fields:

  • Brand-Owned details page
  • Related Brand details page
  • Related Post feed
  • Category feed

Of course, the fact that Amazon Posts is free to participate in makes the whole thing that much more enticing to brand owners who might otherwise be reluctant to try something new. In a world of constant change there’s no telling how long free will last, so jumping aboard the train sooner, rather than later, makes sense no matter what you sell.

How to Dive In

So, you’re sold on giving Posts a try? Getting involved in the process is both simple and beneficial if you look at some of the initial experiences early adopters have had. Some of the first brands to jump in and use Posts are saying the return is much higher than any of their social media campaigns and better than even some of the advertising they are doing. The fact that it is a free service offered directly by Amazon makes it worth diving in.

But how do you actually do it? The first step is to create an account. Since this is still being considered beta by Amazon, it is only available to sellers who are part of the Amazon Brand Registry who have US stores. If you meet those criteria, the next steps are simple.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your normal username and password for Amazon Advertising
  3. Create a profile. You’ll have to verify your brand’s name and upload a logo that meets certain criteria. It will be cropped to a circle before it is used, so keep that in mind when you design the one that you will be using here.

After your profile is completed, you’ll be able to start posting Posts.

Things to Know

While Amazon Posts is new, there are still plenty of things that we do know about it. Perhaps the most important is that Posts are created and curated by the brand, but where they end up is up to Amazon. They haven’t told us how they choose where your post goes, just that their system places your post automatically according to your product and related products like it.

You can create as many Posts as you want, and Amazon even encourages sellers who are participating in this new program to experiment with what they post. Each post will have an image chosen by the brand, the profile banner with the circular logo created during the profile creation process, and caption text that can include whatever the brand wants to include. This can be about the product or a call to action directing customers in a specific way.

Amazon will automatically tag posts with what categories they feel are relevant. This gives shoppers yet another way to find products related to what they are looking for as clicking on a category will show them a list of all Posts in that category.

Posting a lot and paying attention to which posts return the best metrics will help you leverage this new service. For now, it’s new and only some brands are involved. Now is your chance to take advantage of this and make your brand well known among the crowd.

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