Amazon PPC Management: How to Get More in Limited Budget

Are you spending more on your PPC campaign but not getting the desired results? 

The budget you set for your Amazon PPC Campaign monthly or annually plays a crucial role in its success. However, it requires proper planning and execution first.Hence, you must take a step back to evaluate if you are making the most investment.

It is a common notion that the massive the budget for your PPC campaign, the better the results. For small businesses or those with fewer resources, the rise in the budget may not be the best option. 

The question at hand is, how can you run a successful Amazon PPC campaign in a limited budget?

The good news is that you don’t need a big budget to build an effective Amazon PPC strategy. You can still maximize the success of your PPC campaigns regardless of the size of your budget.


Choosing The Right Keywords

For an FBA seller with a restricted budget, it’s essential to know what your potential customers think and look for in a particular product. With this knowledge, you can extract the right keyword relevant to what you sell on the Amazon platform.

High volume, high intent, and low competition keywords collectively connect with your target audience in the best way. If you can find a keyword that signifies a high intent to purchase but comparatively low competition, that results in a more natural and more budget-friendly conversion.

Using useful keyword tools, you can quickly figure out what keyword your potential customers use on the Amazon search box to search for your product. It might take some time and excellent research skills from your side to find them, but once you gather them, you win the half battle. Remember, the high intent will be the key here.


Optimize Your Ad Copy

Naturally,your prime goal as a seller is to boost Amazon sales and get great leads. The ad text copy you are displaying holds immense importance here. It turns out that if your ad text is not attention-grabbing and relevant to your listings, you will witness fewer clicks than you may have expected. For a better outcome, you need to test the effectiveness of your ad text continually.

Testing is going to be a significant factor in ad optimization. If you want to run high-ROAS campaigns, you must perform the tests. However, you can limit their financial implication on your budget by applying these tests at the earliest.Rapid-fire testing will help you access your low-budget campaigns for a shorter period to see what works, and then you can pause or stop the campaigns that aren’t yielding the results. Allot the ad spend to more profitable campaigns and implement what you learned initially for the next stage of tests.


Use Small Ad Groups

Using smaller ad groups with fewer keywords provides you profitable returns. Rather than rolling and banking on every keyword you think your audience might search for, small ad group runs tight, focused campaigns that ultimately deliver specific results as expected. In small ad groups, you create different groups of keywords that are strictly relevant to each other. It further provides you the platform where you build an ad campaign relevant to the specific services your audience is pursuing.

Tighter ad groups and their consequent relevance may lead to improved ad ranking on Google, or it can result in an increased impression rate, even though your bid isn’t as high as some of your other competitors.


Set Manual Bids

When you are on a shoestring budget, you are very much aware of the reality that how much you can afford to pay for each click, especially when each click is lightening your wallet with not guaranteed conversion. 

Here,using the option of setting manual bids by Google Ads can be a wise decision.It allows you to set firm limits on how much you are willing to spend.

This option gives you much needed control to track your investment diligently. It doesn’t guarantee that you will get conversions with your spending, but it does enable you to measure how much you want to spend on clicks. You can customize it according to the campaign. If you find the clicks on certain high-value keyword groups are worth spending your money, you can increase its bid limit while keeping it lower on others.



You can achieve great results at a balanced cost, which will help you to grow your business and give you more profit to invest back into ad spend and scale quickly.

If you are on a tight budget, give these Amazon PPC management tips a shot and work in your favor. Don’t forget to test and apply some fine-tuning might in the beginning. It will be a valuable investment, and by keeping the tests short, you can keep your costs at a manageable level.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your ad budget to the greater t extent,let experts at PPC Winner help you. 

Please send us a message or call us directly to learn more about what we can do.


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