Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything Amazon Sellers Need to Know

Did you know that the Amazon Prime Day sale amounted to an estimated $7.16 billion in 2019? Also, on the 5thedition of this annual sale bonanza, Amazon prime members bought 175 million products in over 17 countries.

Although this sale is exclusive to only the Amazon Prime Members, Amazon Prime Day is the one of the largest shopping event bonanza of Amazon after Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales.

The year 2020 hasn’t been kind to the world whatsoever. Amazon sellers are confused by the uncertainty developed in the global economic market due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even today, the2020 Amazon Prime Day is still up in the air. Although the 5th of October is the expected date of this annual bonanza sale, we just can’t be sure (because it’s 2020!).

As a seller, you’ve got to be ready for whatever comes your way. Here we’ve put together everything you need to know for this upcoming seller’s paradise!

Amazon Prime Day: An Intro

Back in 2015, Amazon launched its Prime Day sale to celebrate its anniversary. Those 24 hours became so successful that Amazon decided to make it an annual sale bonanza. Since then, the Prime Day sale has expanded in size and scope. Each New Year, more and more sellers and customers are becoming a part of this sale.

In 2019, Amazon celebrated the Prime Day sale in over 18 countries across the globe, including the US, UK, China, India, Germany, and France.

A brief into the 2019 Amazon Prime Day stats: 

●   Compared to2018, the Amazon Prime Day sale grew more than 70% in 2019

●   The first sale peak was at 11 AM PST and the second peak was at 6 PM PST

●   Products were commonly priced below a $25 and between $50-$100

●   Electronics, Shoes, and Clothing were the top favorite categories of the buyers

Amazon Prime Day 2020: A Brief Overview

“Is the Amazon Prime Day happening in 2020?” This is the hot topic of debate for Amazon sellers across the globe these days. Social media websites, online forums, Google Searches, and so on are filled with this particular question in 2020.

Though the year didn’t begin exceptional for Amazon, it did wonders during the COVID-19 lockdown across the globe. The BOPIS that is the Buy Online, Pick Up in-store sale surged 259% in2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. Consumers shifted towards e-commerce with rate of accelerated by 5 years in 2020. Isn’t that amazing?

Usually, the sale was scheduled in the month of June and July every year. For 2020, Amazon had targeted the month of September for the Prime Day sale due to the rise of the pandemic, which is now shifted to October 13th and 14th 2020 (TBC).

For sellers, who haven’t planned their strategies for Prime Day yet, its high time now! Also, the sellers would have to make sure they map their plans accordingly to the forthcoming “Back to School” and Annual Winter Sales.

What Should Be the Strategies for Amazon Prime Day 2020 Sellers?

For Amazon sellers, this is the perfect time to start their preparations for the Amazon Prime Day sale. Whether you are a top seller on Amazon or just getting started, there are a few things you just can’t miss out on.

The delay might be a matter of disappointment for the buyers, for sellers it is nothing less than a boon. The uncertainty created in 2020 created a tug between the supply and demand for the complete e-commerce industry. The delay has given an opportunity for Amazon sellers to prepare for the Prime Day in a much stronger way. Sellers can now reinforce their inventories and operations for dealing with the post and pre-sales processes as the sale this year would not be the same as the ones in the previous years.

Here is a list of the top 3 things Amazon sellers just can’t miss out in their road to success in this Prime Day sale.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis is Vital

For any niche of Amazon seller, ignoring competitor analysis is just not an option, especially for this amazing, once-in-a-year opportunity. Make sure that you identify your top competitors, the ones who are selling the alternative for your product.

Keep an eye on the ones who are getting a high search volume. Never miss out on tracking their keywords and ASINs for the Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Strategies Your Deals

Amazon is flooded with deals on the Prime Day sale. Make sure that you consider submitting deals for a number of products with a competitive price tag. Also, Amazon might choose only a few of your submitted deals for the Prime Day sale. The need of the hour is to do a good amount of research on creating deals and offers.

A/B Testing

Q4 is just around the corner. If you are really serious about the Prime Day sale, you should better start your A/B testing with listings and prices right now! Make sure you do your experiments with different content and descriptions before simply jumping into the sale. The central idea here is that you have to capture the interest of your ideal buyers on the day of the sale. Also, make sure you perform your A/B testing with the pricing range as well.  

Get Your Amazon PPC Campaigns Optimized Right Now!

There is no alternative to intuitive and regular Amazon PPC campaign optimization. Make sure you create manual/customized campaigns for increasing your search visibility. Find the most relevant keywords that are trending and being used by your top competitors on Amazon. Also, make sure you to track and analyze search term reports on a regular basis for higher conversion.

Bottom Line

A good amount of research, planned strategies, and the right tools would land you on the top of the seller’s table in this Amazon Prime Day sale. The right time is right now!

Not sure how to start your prep for this Amazon Prime Day sale? Talk to our experts now!

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