How To Increase Sales On Amazon In 2020 - Top 4 Tips

Over the last 25 years, Amazon has flourished and gained an extensive loyal customer base. At the moment, it enjoys being the largest online retailer in the world, having more than five million marketplace sellers across all Amazon marketplaces.

 If we look at the trend, it can be said that it will only increase in the future.With the rise in popularity, more sellers are moving toward this e-commerce platform to grow their businesses on Amazon. 

 As we are halfway in 2020, it's time to review your current Amazon marketing strategy and implement some techniques to boost your product sales on Amazon. 

 Here are the top 4 tips that can help you quickly increase Amazon sales this year:


1) Conduct An In-Depth Competitor Analysis

 Amazon is the most favorite choice of online retailers, attracting millions of sellers every year. The growing number of sellers means competition. Even though you are not competing with all of them, you are competing with some of them.Therefore, it's essential to conduct an Amazon competitor analysis, which benefits your business by providing an in-depth assessment of your competition.

 In any business, the first step to increase sales should include having a clear understanding of your competition. Ideally, an Amazon seller must carry out competitor analysis before listing his products on Amazon. The easiest way to conduct competitor analysis is by analyzing your competitor's pages and check their product updates and reviews.


2) Keep Refreshing Your Keywords 

 In the past, Google used to present relevant pages by matching the user's search terms with keywords on a page. A lot has changed in PPC keywords research. Now,the focus is on users' intent, not on their words. Today, Google's natural language processing and AI have advanced above and beyond simple word matching.

 If you want your sponsored products to appear at the top of Amazon search results,you need to use the best keywords. The search terms buyers use keeps on changing as per their needs regarding a product. Staying updated about their intentions of buying that particular product will assist you in deciphering the exact search terms related to your product, which eventually will help you increase sales on Amazon

 You can use one of the suitable Amazon keyword research tools available online to help you find the right keywords. Or take an expert's help


3) Focus on Reviews 

Considering that about 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews, which influence their buying decision. A product with more reviews will easily convince the buyer booting visibility when someone searches for your product on Amazon.Hence, you can't afford to ignore feedback and reviews. 


What purpose do Amazon reviews serve?  

  • Encourage the interested buyers to purchase the product
  • Convince consumers to choose your product over others
  • Assure customers of the quality of your product
  • Play a part in word of mouth recommendations

 Approach your customers directly or via email, messages, and ask them to submit feedback. Think out of the box, and instead of using old plain text reviews,try to be creative by including video reviews or a review with a photo of the product. Also, be aware of the negative reviews and attend them with a constructive reply. 


4) Invest in Amazon Advertising 

 Should you invest in the Amazon PPC campaign to get the word out? The answer is yes,only if you do it the right way. Industry experts have indicated to PPC automation, artificial intelligence, and video ads as this year's emerging stars. They have also predicted that there would be many other e-retailers using ads on Amazon this year who have never used it before. 

 The Amazon seller finds PPC or Pay Per Click model an appropriate option to advertise his/her products as it you achieve:

 1) Top Ranking: If you wish your products on Amazon appear on a higher rank, then choosing the sponsored ads route by contacting an Amazon PPC expert is wise. 

 2) Buyers Not Viewers: Amazon PPC ads are specific and relevant. These sponsored ads save time by displaying essential product information that appears alongside their targeted search. Where a user can instantly click on the link anytime, he wishes. 

 3) Clicks, Not Impression: As a seller, you only pay when a user clicks your PPC ad, not for reparative impressions. It doesn't require you to pay separately using your credit card for sponsored products'advertising fees. 

 4) Device-Friendly: Another crucial advantage of the Amazon PPC campaign is that it is device-friendly. It allows your Amazon sponsored product link to display on mobiles, smartphones,and tablets.


Ready to Boost Your Amazon Sales?

 If you are ready to take your Amazon marketing game up a notch or two, employing these tips will help you spend less and make more money. Amazon is the platform that has revolutionized eCommerce business for sellers. However, if you want to leave the competition behind and sell more on Amazon, these are some steps to stand out from other third-party sellers.

 If you are new in the field and still getting to know Amazon business, leave it to the experts. They know how to do their job and are well-competent about the tools and techniques to make sure you earn more profit with every sale. 

 Let experts at PPCWINNER help you to set-up and optimize your Amazon PPC campaign and bring the desired results. Not wasting any time, have a 20 minutes call with our experts or give our free trial demo a chance. 



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