How to Run Effective PPC Campaigns with Amazon Product Targeting

One of the key things you need to be a top Amazon seller is keeping up with latest rollouts and features that Amazon throws at you.

Amazon’s latest ads feature for sellers, Product Targeting Ads, empowers sellers to target specific products and display product-centric ads on specific listing pages. It has not only helped sellers in better advertising their products on Amazon but has provided them with authoritative control on the Amazon marketplace.

At PPCwinner, our expert Amazon sellers have got your back! Here we bring you a detailed analysis of this new feature and how you can reach more relevant audience for your brand efficiently on Amazon.

Why Is There a Need to Use Product Targeting?

No Amazon seller wants to make their ad campaign a waste. Product targeting empowers you to manage your ads efficiently, especially in term of cost. You can actually save a lot of money on advertising using this product targeting feature.  

The process involved in Product Targeting allows an Amazon seller to target a specific ASIN or product for ad delivery, rather than just relying on keywords. Amazon sellers can be more accurate and specific about their ad delivery with this new Product Targeting feature.

Amazon’s Product Targeting feature saves you a good amount of money by not wasting you ad expenditures on customers who aren’t interested in your product type or category. Long story short, Product Targeting is a tool to optimize your overall Amazon PPC Campaign.

ASIN Targeting

This is one of the key advantages of Amazon Product Targeting feature. ASIN targeting allows you to target specific ASINs, only where you want to showcase your product ad. Here are the few tips using which you can leverage the power of targeting ads.  

Identify and Target Top-Performing ASINs

Post running automatic campaign, Amazon sellers can generate analysis reports for their Amazon PPC automated campaigns for FREE with PPCwinner’s Super Analyzer tool. The tool offers you all-inclusive analysis of your ASINs, along with 40different Amazon PPC activity reports packed with important insights and tips for FREE! Identify the ASINs with high conversion rate or low ACoS.

You can then add the identified ASINs manually on your list that you want to target in your product targeting campaign.

Identify and Add Low-Performing ASINs as Negatives

To add more precision, Amazon sellers can use the integrated Negative Targeting feature to add low-performing competitor ASINs, so as to prevent your ads from being displayed.

Similar to the above mentioned step, you can download highly-detailed and comprehensive reports with for FREE with PPCwinner’s Super Analyzer to identify low-performing ASINs from search term report for adding them as negative keywords.

Target Individual Products

Via the products tab, you can easily target suggested individual products which are similar to your product. The central idea here is to find competing ASINs where you are more likely to make a sale. You can effortlessly identify brands that are making heavy investments in Paid ads. Doing so would select products that are similar to that of yours in terms of pricing and ratings.

You can choose the ones which have a good start rating and the ones related to the targeted product group you want your ads to be displayed.

Targeting Categories

Amazon sellers can now also target not just a single product-type but a complete category, as well as all subcategories. This enables campaign to deliver product ads across various target categories, as well as customizable parameters that you configure. The USP of this feature is that you can refine your targeting for specific brands, price range, as well as star ratings. With such refinements, the feature would allow you to reach a wider audience in the range of specified products category.

Amazon sellers should make use of category campaigns where they have a better offer to make than most of the competitors in the market. Allowing advertisers to add added layers, Amazon is empowering Amazon sellers who have a solid understanding of their current market, price point, as well as market trend.

Narrow targeting has to be a must-used strategy for every Amazon seller for building their sales volume effectively. A combo of these strategies will yield beneficial results for all kinds of Amazon sellers.

Final Thoughts

Amazon PPC has only progressed since the day it was introduced to the world. Sellers have plenty of options to cleverly market their products, especially with now-popular option of Product Targeting. The information shared above will help you efficiently navigate this exciting world smoothly.

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