Preparing for Amazon Q4: Successful Strategies to Emerge as Winner

Prepared or not, Amazon Q4 is just around the corner, and it is the right time to optimize your digital advertising strategy.

It's the most exciting time of the year, and with the right preparation, you can dominate this holiday season. This year has been proved to be extremely beneficial for online sellers as eCommerce exploded throughout surprising everyone due to the pandemic. Witnessing the increase in online buying trends, Q4 will be no exception.  

Everything has to be done strategically to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. To make sure it happens, PPC Winner and World First formed a strategic partnership. They held a webinar hosted by World Firsts' eCommerce expert and Yuval Ben Nun [COO] for PPC Winner to help online sellers put together a complete Q4 guide to walk you through how to maximize Amazon's incredible sales potential.

Apart from this, the partnership of PPC Winner with World First will simplify payment processes; improve the speed and transparency of cross-border payments by decreasing the transfer fees associated with international payments and FX transactions.

Amazon PPC Tips &Q4 Webinar Replay

The webinar includes detailed expert discussions and cutting-edge PPC advertising strategies that will give World First clients key advantages to accelerate this holiday shopping season's growth. 

Some Topics We Covered:

1)     Challenges in front of Amazon sellers and how to overcome it(COVID-19 Effects on Q4) 

Yuval Ben Nun, Chief Operating Officer of sponsored advertising agency PPC Winner,shares insights on how to maximize your sales this holiday season while dealing with the aftereffects of Corona pandemic on Q4 along with critical Inventory management tips. 

Extracting a quote from the Webinar, Yuval Ben Nun has emphasized being prepared for the holiday season in advance by launching your PPC campaign NOW, in Q3 and having sufficient stock. 

 Quoting his words, he said: 

"Launching your PPC campaigns now will give Amazon's algorithm plenty of time to index your ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers), giving them more exposure during Q4.

Veteran sellers with data from previous holidays should look to the past to prepare for the future. While each seller will have their unique approach to PPC, the one goal everyone should have in common is to prepare,prepare, prepare."

 2) Optimizing Your PPC Strategy to evaluate your preparedness

Get helpful insights into creating an Amazon PPC strategy with the right understanding of keywords selection and placement, improving your AcOS, and many more. 

3) Professional Tools for better data understanding

Know what PPC Winner is all about and the tools they offer to set up and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns quickly and successfully. 

How to Prep & Adapt to the Current Market & its Trends

Consumer behaviors changed drastically with the arrival of the global Coronavirus outbreak in 2020. People were asked to stay home, which limited their nonessential trips to the store. Consumers shifted to eCommerce and home delivery to get the things they needed, specifically items such as food,electronics, and clothing. 

It created the biggest challenges for businesses. Online marketers had to make fast decisions to sustain their business while prioritizing their employee'sand customers' safety. Although the situation outside is improving, online shopping has boomed since, and there is a huge rush toward the Q4 period.

World First and PPC Winner tools together help online sellers to manage and grow your global Amazon business further. With more than 400,000 global customers,World First makes international transfers super easy, offering Competitive FX rates. 

This engagement allows you to choose between the different markets you are or want to sell and manage your profit, SEO, PPC campaigns, inventory, and product research all in one place.

So,are you ready for this busy season as it can significantly impact your success?Do you have a plan in place?

If not, check the webinar HERE or read the article discussing each point in detail.  

The World First blog is worth your time, as being proactive about Q4 can help you take full advantage of the increasing demand over the holiday season. 

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