Preparing for Q4 – Cheat Sheet How To Be On Top Of The Game

The best time of the year for Amazon sellers is Q4, when they can multiply their business revenue. The fourth quarter consists of the holiday season when millions of people hustle to grab presents and gifts for their families and loved ones in time.

2020 has been a tough year for all, and people are craving the comfort and warmth of the holidays. Contrary to COVID-19 and stay-at-home guidelines, people are all geared for celebration. They are looking forward to this season to feel more festive than ever before. 

It also means that people will prefer online platforms for shopping to stick to social-distancing norms. Amazon sellers need to under take this factor when optimizing their advertising campaign to handle the extra demand of Q4 frenzy this year.

 Let's look at the main predictions for Q4, 2020: 

  • As mentioned above, shopping will be mostly online this year.
  • People miss the feel of going out and shopping. They will most likely look for inspiration to get their spirits     up. Ensure your holiday content include beautiful product imagery and     video. 
  • Nothing much to do when stuck at home,  people will start shopping for holidays earlier this year. 

Seeing these trends, we have come up with this cheat sheet that can act as a useful checklist for sellers preparing their advertising campaigns for the holiday rush. 

1) Stock Up On Supplies

The global supply chain has been severely affected by COVID-19, and it is undoubtedly going to worsen during the peak shopping season. 

It is a good idea to be well prepared by stocking the right amount of boxes, tape,labels, poly bags, and other items during the Fourth Quarter. Contact your supplier and inform him about the additional inventory that you will require,avoiding any chance of dealing with the longer freight and lead times.  

eCommerce companies undergo tons of poly bags in the Fourth Quarter. If you don't want to run at the last moment to Home Depot or Office Max to grab some boxes or bubblemailers to deliver the shopping items in time, it is better you start acting right now and don't lose your precious customers trust. 

2) Optimize Product Listings

Once you have devised a plan and have sufficient supply, you need to operate on your listings. Review all your listings and make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Examine your product images and descriptions for its authenticity.Run A/B tests to figure out how to drive clicks and conversions before Q4 season strikes. Continue testing product listings with different essential images and titles before selecting the listing with the highest conversions. 

If your brand is registered on Amazon, invest some time on your A+ content and refresh them by adding relevant branding information and features. Here,customizing your A+ content to match the holiday season cloud be a smart move. 

Do NOT forget to optimize your listings for mobile devices as well. If you need some assistance in optimizing your product listings, then PPC WINNER is just a call away!

3) Start Selling, Don't Wait for The Busy Season

Many sellers tend to stock a bunch of inventory in anticipation of selling them for higher prices in the Q4 season. 

On the contrary, we suggest you price items to sell them now than to wait to sell it later. The epidemic has pushed people to sit online to pass their time, and they might look for something to buy and why not give them something they will need to buy later.  

It doesn't mean that you don't need them to sell until later. It just means you are sending in enough for it to sell the whole time. It will generate more cash adding to the available amount, which will come handy in the Fourth Quarter instead of running out of money when you need it the most. 

It will also give you a clear idea of what items people are interested in buying so that you can rest assured that you have enough capital to invest in what is hot.

4) Follow Trends Closely Throughout the Year

It is critical to be aware of the buying trends and pay attention to the things that people are interested in throughout the year. 

You can take ideas from reading other blogs, evaluating social media platforms,getting to know what your friends or family is interested in, using online tools, or just doing general internet surfing to keep track of what was popular around the year. Pinterest is one such online platform that publishes monthly trends. It will help you come up with ideas for new content for Q4.

Moreover, don't wait until Q4 to start publishing about these trends. Instead, be proactive and start ding that now. Doing so, you can interlink to these older posts with the new one published in Q4 to gain traction on Google or Pinterest. 

Parting Thoughts

Q4 is the most exciting season of all for Amazon sellers. Having more than 120 million products listed on Amazon can get too stressful to stand apart from others. 

However,you do not need to pressurize yourself and make the fourth quarter a fun experience. This Q4 cheat sheet offers plenty of tips for maximizing your fourth-quarter sales on Amazon. While implementing these tips for this holiday season, make sure to take time away from your Amazon business to spend it with your loved ones.

Learn the ins and outs of running a successful Amazon business by getting in touch with our experts and give our Amazon PPC Tool a try! 

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