Q4 and eCommerce – market trends – the opportunity

Will the markets continue to grow?

Will the shift in the markets, will become permanent?

Those are two out of many questions we should ask ourselves these days.

The holidays season

Every year Q4 ends on December 25th when everything stops for about three weeks of winter vacations. Then the 1st quarter historically is bouncing back gradually, and by the end of February, we are back on track with average figures.

COVID 19 emerging trends

This year with the pandemic around the world,which forced a change in human behavior, I believe we will see a change in the markets in which there will be a different steady-state than in the past post Q4.

eCommerce as a percentage of total retail sales in the U.S. was 11% in 2019. Right now, it has jumped to 30%. JPMorgan thinks that it is a long-term shift. I think it will also reflect Q4 sales and the aftershock of the holiday season.

There are a few emerging eCommerce trends in 2020 that you will stand out of the crowd if you leverage on them, and you will have a sustainable business that will continue into Q1 2021 while maybe the rest will slow down.

Key element trends resulting COVID 19 pandemic

I would say that the following are key elements of trends that will ensure that eCommerce growth due to the covid19 pandemic will continue:

  1. Personalizing the eCommerce experience to the needs of the consumers
  2. Interaction with social media channels
  3. Having your product visuals interacting
  4. Customer support should be a priority
  5. Exposing the full buying experience throw the screen

A Holiday season like no other

The one thing we can say for sure is that this holiday season won't be like any other.

We can analyze the past, for example, by using the super analyzer, understand what was working for us. But it is essential to understand the changes in the markets in the last 7-8 months since Covid19 came into our lives.

Thinking about the challenge 

Q4 is always an exciting season for all eCommerce sellers and Amazon sellers as well. Identifying the 2020 trends in your specific segment alongside the ones described above will put in a great opening position to be at your best and stand out from the crowd.

There is a natural growth with the forced changes in the markets.

These market trends with the holiday season are an excellent opportunity to move your business to the next level and may be choose the new exciting path for your business.

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