The Rise of Ecommerce, Part-2: Future Trends to Leverage in 2021 & Beyond

If you want to get more traction for your eCommerce brand, drive more traffic and sales, then you just can’t miss out on the latest trends shaping the industry.

The year 2020 was monumental for eCommerce given the effects of COVID. The pandemic fueled up drastic changes across several verticals, and this huge shift in online shopping is expected to continue in some capacity as we move into 2021 and beyond.

Let’s look at the three additional (see part one here  trends that will stick around in 2021 and will help you prepare your ecommerce business to bring more success.

Omni Channel Will Become New Normal

The massive growth of ecommerce caused by the pandemic has made the importance of omnichannel more prominent. People are not limited to a specific platform to buy something; they are exploring and tend to purchase from different online platforms offering great user experience. Now with greater reason, retailers are leaning into this digital eCommerce strategy and recognize the value in connecting their offline and online data to materialize all channels. 

Today’s customers only favor an integrated buying experience across multiple channels. To achieve this, brands need to have a commerce architecture that delivers content and products to any screen or device providing a smooth shopping experience to the end user.

It can be thrilling to be everywhere, but it would be wiser if you focus on the channels where you customers frequently visit and sell to them there. Try and understand your customers’ buying behavior and connect with them to know more about their buying choices.  

Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Personalize from Amazon Web Services(AWS) allow brands to improve the customer experience and communicate with customers across multiple channels.

Personalization Will Go A Long Way

Today, customers prefer those online shopping platforms who offer them a buying experience tailored to their unique needs. For that reason, ecommerce stores today mostly use personalization to improve the customer’s online experience within the current visit and retarget them with more options.

The goal of personalization is to create a long-lasting customer relationship by recording information about your customer such as the things they liked the last time when made a purchase, the types of items they usually buy, and then provide recommendations on the basis of this information for the next time.

Having said that, personalized online experiences have lot of room to improve, evolve and mature. AI-powered recommendations, Image Recognition, and Psychographic Personalization are some technologies that will enhance the effect of ecommerce personalization to a greater level. These recommendations make a user buying experience more transparent by providing clearer explanations for why certain products are suggested to shoppers.

Influencers Will Be Recognized as Brand Partners

Creating a compelling content for eCommerce brands have always been a concern. Partnering with an influencer will help create enough content at scale to support their marketing efforts.

In 2021, this trend of brands looking to influencers as content creators to support the content creation process to promote their products will increase. You can make use of this trend to your business by making a list of local or micro influencers that share your brand value. Build a mutual relationship, you by helping them to grow their audience first or providing free merchandise and they will market your products or services on their social channels.

Remember, influencer content does not need to be limited to advertising for B2C companies as your main goal should be about providing value for your customers.

In Conclusion

2020 was a year that nobody will forget and remember at the same time. It would be the former for the eCommerce space at least, as for them opportunities were there to be grabbed, and with these trends gaining traction already, 2021 could be your year and memorable but hopefully for more positive reasons.

After setting up a plan for your next ecommerce journey, you’re ready to take on the multiple jobs required to run a business. However, managing finances, fulfillment, shipping, multi channel listings, and other challenging tasks that may take up a bulk of your time.

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