Things You Must Do Before Starting an Amazon PPC Campaign!

Things You Must Do Before Starting an Amazon PPC Campaign!

This blog post is based on tremendous amounts of campaigns that are managed via our system and on my experience, and the rest of our amazing team's. I highly recommend reading these posts and sharing them with friends who trade or plan to trade on Amazon.

Congratulations! Your product is ready and you are already set with your finger on the keyboard to set your campaign up. But wait... Hold on a sec... In order to make sure that your campaign sells and meets your expectations, it's important to ensure some important things:


Your listing is a super essential ingredient which has a huge impact on your product sales. Make sure you create a high-quality Listing containing all the key major expressions of the product. In addition, it's imperative to remember, that most of the customers see the list from their cell phone, which means that the first thing to appear after the product title is the product description (not on the most prominent part). Therefore, make sure that this area looks perfect and will not provide technical data only! In order to make sure your listing meets all the necessary criteria, ensure the list is written by a copywriter who grew up where your product is being sold as he will know the mentality and the language best. And NO!! Don't try to save money here by doing this on your own. It'll cost you!

The Title

Sounds pimple, doesn't it? Well, actually, it isn't. Your list title must be perfect and contain the most relevant expressions for your product and not just an integrated collection of words that have no actual meaning. Remember, this list is what catches your potential customer's eye. DO NOT underestimate it.

The Product's Images

Images are the showcase of your product, make sure they are high quality, interesting and contain information that the customer is looking for. Research shows that customers focus primarily on images and less on text. Images are your best salesman!


If you over price your product in relation to its competitors or in relation to its stage, it'll simply not sell or it will sell in significantly lesser quantities than its potential for this stage. Make sure to price your product at a competitive price, suitable and relevant to its life span. If your product is new, do not compare your price the other sellers' who sell the same product for the highest price. So what should you do??  Look for the sellers who have similar or same reviews as you have. Leading sellers hold a significant amount of reviews and a large sales performance; therefore they can afford to sell at a significantly higher price. To top that, if your product has no differentiation, then you are already in trouble and therefore the differentiation here will have to fall under the price segment.


Would you buy a product without reviews? No, right? – Neither would your customers... So don't bother setting a campaign up, if you don't have at least 5 good reviews, 10 and up is even better, It'll be a waste of your money. In addition, it will not add any value to you, in terms of the information you can get from advertising, hence if you still have no reviews, your initial goal will be to produce them, and only then set your campaign up.

Quality Keyword Research

The "throw 300 keywords on a campaign and let Amazon deal with it" era has ended. Nowadays, Amazon requires you to perform super quality keyword research for your campaigns and select dozens of phrases that are most relevant to your product. (Our recommendation - a maximum of 100 phrases with the preference on around 50-60) Take a thorough and a super qualitative research, and check which phrases your competitors sell the most, which phrases can be most relevant to your product, that way, if they are looking for them, your product will really meet the customer's need.
By the way, PPC WINNER does all these automatically.

Manage Expectations

Set clear goals for your campaign to prevent disappointment afterwards. Remember, a product that you have just launched in just a few months will naturally sell less than later on, and much less than the leading competitors on the top pages. For a new product, expect a few sales in its initial stages compared to competitors on the top page.

Defining the purpose of advertising!

One of the most important things you must do - set clear goals for your campaign, and aim for the desired ACOS. We will discuss this topic further, later, but in order to understand what we meant we'll explain - If you're just launching a product or it's a product that does not have a lot of reviews (Which means that naturally it did not sell much), then your advertising goal, at the moment, will be to sell as much as possible, and get maximum product exposure, lower the BSR and "buy" important info like which keywords are relevant to your product (on which you are selling on), what customers think about your product, why potential customers click the list but don't buy, (low conversion rate), if the ads are seen and not clicked, (low CTR)... What's the reason? (Photos, price) and more. All the above information is worth a lot of money and at this point, it can only be obtained through advertising. That's why the goal here is to try and sell as much as possible, on the relevant keywords, even if it's at a loss. (Yes yes it is no shame to say so at this point). In this case, most sales will have no profit product's wise, but as noted earlier, sales will yield "profits", information wise, which will promote you a lot in the future therefore - aim for ACOS of over 90% before you exclude expressions. For an older product, that produces quite a few organic sales, it is certainly possible to try to get an ACOS which is profitable for your product, and even that isn't really mandatory.

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