Top 5 Amazon PPC Tricks To Get More Sales In Less Time

In the eCommerce business world, all sellers struggle hard to bring in some hard and fast cash. With the 4th quarter around the corner, it pushes eCommerce sellers to generate more sales through online advertising as the clock clicks down fast. 

It's easy to set up an Amazon store, but trying to fight and lead the competition can be challenging, especially when many sellers are competing to sell the same product. If you are lagging in your seller ranking, chances are you most likely won't get the exposure required to generate sales, or it would take extra time,which you can't afford. 

Your best bet to sell on Amazon as quickly as possible is to utilize Amazon PPC campaigns. So what Amazon PPC advertising tricks you can use to get more sales as the mad holiday rush approaches?

These five Amazon PPC tricks might work in your favor: 

1) Start Your PPC campaigns in Advance 

It takes time to build a successful PPC campaign. You need to find and refine keywords and analyze bid strategies from time to time, so it's better you start early. The longer you run your campaign, the more eyes you'll capture to your campaign. Moreover, it will bring more relevance in your customers' minds,especially to those who start looking early. They will remember your ad when they look for the same product later in the year because your brand has already established presence, and it imparts the idea that it is probably worth a look.

One specific, powerful way you can take Advance of this strategy is to start running campaigns using Amazon's automatic PPC suggested keywords in Q3 provided by the AI-powered automation tool. After that, analyze their performance and select your most powerful keywords later through optimized, targeted campaigns.  

2) Run Upfront A/B Tests 

If you want to avoid wasting time and your PPC ads investment during the rush period, you need to have a clear idea of what works and what doesn't at the time when the holiday shopping season begins.

You can take the lead on this by running some A/B tests during Q3 for effective messaging. Test some of the campaign's critical metrics, including CTR, CPC,conversion rates, and other important to your PPC campaign. Strategic optimization of product detail page content would also come handy when performing the comparison tests. If you feel overwhelmed to go through the process of testing each variable, taking the help of a professional Amazon PPC management service can make your A/B tests easier and effective. Also, it will take some of the stress from your marketing team. 

3) Create Customized Strategies 

Achieving outstanding Q4 sales performance on Amazon demands an in-depth analysis of the critical periods on Amazon's sales events calendar when most buyers are looking to shop. It would be best if you created a unique strategy for each promotional period. Those periods mainly include:

  • Countdown to  Black Friday Deals Week
  • Black Friday 
  • Cyber Monday 
  • Halloween
  • November and December 21 Days of Deals 

Customers feel strongly inclined to shop during these periods, even when they are unsure of what they want to buy. It doesn't matter what stage of the journey they'r eat the time. It would help if you were proactive with your approach to seize the opportunity by increasing PPC bids or offering coupons or Lightning Deals in these significant times. Even if you do not go out all and run big promotions during some of these periods, you are for sure going to get a spike in the traffic. 

4) Optimize Your Content with Holiday Messages

This trick is one of the best to get more sales in less time. When you add a holiday theme to your PPC ad content, you can encourage consumers to associate with your products to the seasonal thoughts running already on their minds. 

You can easily make this work by tweaking content to small portions. You can create a holiday-themed copy or target holiday keywords and pair your best-selling items with those keywords. You can also optimize your sponsored Brand ads with holiday images that can be more impact full. Once you establish the link between your products and the holiday shopping season, you create a mental hook that will help out more customers find their way to your product pages. 

5) Ensure Your Detail Page is Rightly Filled 

Different PPC strategies can attract your customers towards your page, but the right information drives conversions. It's essential to optimize your product detail pages to convert your potential customers into buying ones efficiently and pack them with appealing content that delivers both the accurate information and the motivation that results in a sale. The product page content optimization consists of: 

  • Use of multiple colorful, high-resolution image displaying the product from every angle and show the product in use as well
  • Well-organized critical product information that's easy to find, if the shopper has to hunt for product specifications, they'll probably move on to another listing 
  • Add bullet points and product descriptions that are filled with the critical keywords you' are explicitly targeting 
  • Customized rich visual content that helps customers to envision your product in their practical life. 

In Conclusion 

What ever trick you choose to take up, always remember that the ultimate goal of developing a great Amazon PPC campaign is to craft an ad that is useful and helps them make the right choice that will make their holidays the happiest. By incorporating these tricks in your Amazon PPC Campaign, you can help make your holidays just as wonderful as your customers without wasting much time and money.

Q4 is the liveliest and most significant period for sellers, especially the beginners. Hence, it should be utilized with polished tips and tricks to get the best deal for your advertising efforts.

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