Top 5 Tips For Amazon Sellers To Make The Most Out Of Black Friday

Most Amazon Sellers must be flushed with the record-breaking sale success of Amazon’s first fall-season Prime Day. But that doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing efforts as there are many more festivals on the way, which you can’t miss to cash.  

Out of all, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and you need to be in charge of your marketing strategy. With the right preparation and execution plan, no one can stop you to make a holiday-happy profit on Amazon.       

The Black Friday sale is more than just jumping around shelves of your nearest Walmart. It also a huge part of the Thanksgiving holiday!

The best part about Black Friday sale? It’s the experience! It’s absolutely unique for all kinds of sellers and all types of families. Here is a guide that’ll help you in getting an edge over your competitors on the biggest sale of the year.

Why Black Friday / Cyber Monday matters as an Amazon Seller?

The charts of Amazon’s YoY growth are going berserk this year. Records have been broken, sellers are making a fortune, and numbers are going beyond expectations. As compared to 2019, Amazon has recorded around a 2x growth in the third quarter. What else could have Amazon wanted more in 2020?  

Also, for the hundreds of thousands of sellers and vendors on Amazon, this is an amazing news! The trust and investment sellers make on Amazon is just booming each new day.

Did you know that this year’s Amazon Prime Day marked two of the biggest sales days for small, as well as medium-sized sellers, jumping from the 60%mark of 2019?

The stats, the conditions, and the peaking growth charts have predicted the truth! We are all heading into a blazing, record-breaking shopping season on Amazon.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Monday / Black Friday Advertising Strategies on Amazon

 Do – Boost Budget of Your Ads

Not really sure whether you should increase your ad spending? Think again! Remember that the competition is only increasing every second. On deal days, revenue growth is much likely to jump even with a significant boost in the ad spend.

Though the increasing competition is sure to drive CPC higher, ASP and CVR will also increase, ultimately resulting in enhanced ROAS.

Do – Bid Optimization is Important, Especially in the Key Moments

Experts always advice sellers to gradually increase their bids as the days lead up to the big holiday deal days. The reason behind this is that the CPCs increase gradually in the market, hence you will have to be on your toes to boost your CvR.

Amazon seller experts recommend that you boost your bids by a good 30% on the Black Friday. On the other hand, you must increase your bids by a 25% for Cyber Monday. Remember that the ROAS is high and is very likely to hit an annual high on the day of the Cyber Monday sale.

Also, always remember that Cyber Monday and Black Friday are simply the initial days of the humongous holiday season. You’ll see a good boom in the CvR and revenue from the mid-December days. This simply means that you should increase your bids till the late 20th December.

Do – Always Aim the Peak Hours

FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out is what you will have to cash in on. Shoppers feel FOMO as the time runs towards the end. The time bracket between 7-11 P.M. PST is the most profitable one of the whole year. Almost 30% of the whole Cyber Monday revenue generation is dependent on these 4 bedtime hours.

Do – Make Benchmark of Your Performance

So how do you plan to mark if your Amazon ads are outshining your competitors or not? That too in your same category? Schedule a call with an expert Amazon seller to know the secrets!

The Big DON’T – Stop Waiting! Start Now

The best time to start is now! Build you reviews, stock your inventories, and leverage the power of Automation with intuitive Amazon PPC campaigns.

Make sure you choose the best Amazon PPC campaign solution for research and ad revenue campaigns. Also, you will need the most competitive keywords and ASINs for your optimized campaigns. Schedule a call with the experts now!

Wrapping Up

So now that you know the do’s and don’ts of Cyber Monday and Black Friday advertising, it’s time to make up the best marketing strategy for the coming holiday season.

Use the top Amazon PPC automation strategy to get the best possible results of your investments. Run your ads on the most profitable keywords and bids to get an edge over your competitors.

Also, make sure you never stop learning. Get info about ACoS, bidding, and other Amazon features.

Try the best Amazon PPC automation tool such as PPC Winner that combines the power of machine learning with expertise of top Amazon sellers. Start the 14-days Free Trial now and make your presence felt on Amazon right now!

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