World First and PPCWinner Join Hands to Empower Amazon Sellers with Competitive FX Rates

The difficulty, time, and inconvenience associated with standard international bank transfers are not a new phenomenon. Hundreds and thousands of international sellers worldwide are parting their ways from these time-consuming and costly international banking formalities. 

For all Amazon sellers doing sales and transactions in foreign lands globally,including the professionals, managing and dealing with FX rates has always been quite a task. 

To simplify this hassle, PPCWINNER has partnered with World First to offer highly-competitive FX rates to Amazon Sellers across the world. This partnership will empower all different niche and kinds of Amazon sellers to collect their revenues effortlessly from any Amazon global market in just a few clicks. 

With a World Account from World First, receiving and using your revenues, that you have generated in other currencies, becomes easy, quick, and dirt cheap. 

Overcome Cross-Border Payment Difficulties 

World First, a globally renowned FX platform for international businesses and individuals, has served over 250,000 customers and 150,000 global businesses around the world since its inception. With some of the most reliable and experienced teams in the business, World First has completed over 16 years in the FX business. 

“With the help of this highly strategic partnership, PPCWINNER is rapidly evolving its platform to help streamline payment processes, increase the speed and transparency of cross-border payments,” said Yuval Ben Nun, Amazon Expert &COO of PPCWINNER. Explaining further, he said, “This integration with World First gives our clients a first-class option to simplify their FX transactions and expands our market opportunity in payments.” 

The partnership also enables international Amazon sellers to open up multiple local accounts for all different currencies, such as GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, CNH, SGD,AUD, HKD, and JPY. The best part here is that Amazon sellers are charged absolutely nothing for setting up accounts for international currencies. 

World First and PPCWINNER together allow international Amazon sellers to receive,hold, and make payments in local currencies, without any trouble. Also, now Amazon sellers can quickly transfer money between different accounts with instant FX transactions. 


A Better Pricing Strategy: Preparing for Q4

A transparent pricing strategy is required to ensure you have enough stock even after the Q4 season is near to close. Everyone has a different budget for stock investment,so it is ideal for planning to figure out how much you can afford to spend on stock and have a rigid shipping payment policy.

For those who are venturing in the Q4 rush for the first time, a reliable financial backup provided by this partnership can give them an idea of how much they can expect to earn. All they have to do is to device a spending plan and stick to it. 

One more technique that can ease out payment hassle is collecting as much inventory listed now so you can get more profits back to invest in more stock as quickly as possible. It depends on you selecting fast-selling inventory now, which will cost you, especially if you do not have a robust international transaction platform such as offered by PPCWINNER with the support of World First. 

This partnership offers global Amazon sellers with transparent FX rates for as low as 0.15%, which is one of the lowest in the intentional FX market. Therefore,Amazon sellers could now invest more time and effort in their core business,rather than struggling around with transactional roadblocks.


World-Class PPC Tools & Results

 In Addition, World First clients can leverage professional PPC advertising services and tools at competitive pricing at PPC WINNER. With ongoing pandemic, the importance of PPC is growing.A massive flow of new Amazon sellers has shifted towards e-commerce to both stay safe, and replace lost income.

PPC WINNERS allows you to reviewed campaigns, boost views, and improve your product page conversion rate. Once you start using PPC WINNER PPC Automation tool for your Amazon ad campaigns, you will witness a boost in conversions for your headline or search ads and even organic results. Our services include everything from analyzing your current PPC campaign to preparing a suitable strategy to its optimization every day as per your specific needs.

Try today for free or you can have a call with an expert to know more in detail.

Parting Thoughts 

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur doing international trades and foreign transactions or an enterprise looking to save money on regular FX transactions,PPCWINNER, in partnership with World First, simplifies all your formal processes and helps you increase your savings.

This one of its kind offers valid only till 31st March 2021. There are a few essential eligibility requirements to be able to use this opportunity. To know more, check HERE

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