Bravo Kitchens

Case Study

On January 20th, 2019 Bravo, teamed up with PPCWinner to launch their product the right way on Amazon. They enlisted PPCWinner’s to advance their eCommerce presence, plus expanded their customer reach as a new seller on Amazon.

Their Launch Solution

Understand Your Perfect Customer

Since Bravo was releasing a new kitchen product, it was important for the company to develop a clear understanding of who are their target audience and customer base.  Based on the comprehensive analysis by PPCWinner of the CTR and conversion rates, it became apparent that the price of the product was too high, and their creative wasn’t successful in addressing the search terms users were using as they searched for this specific product.  Thanks to PPCWinner, Bravo was able to make quick changes, adjust their message to produce new creative all in real time. With these changes performed, Bravo noticed their conversion rates improving by 42% within the next 30 days.
Evidently, Bravo noticed an increase in clicks for the listing, better positioning in the search results, and as a result, more sales.

Create Profitable Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Typically, business owners on Amazon create one automatic campaign, and then based on the most profitable keywords that rise to the top, they create a manual campaign, thinking they have the expertise and experience to manage them both. In rare cases, some companies will even employ the help of keyword-researching tools as an extra layer.    Yet, the biggest problem with this methodology is that automated campaigns often take a while to produce valuable results and insights. In addition, many people often overlook the best possible keywords—especially when they do their own keyword research. Worse, new sellers on Amazon will often create an extensive list of keywords on their own, spreading as wide a net as possible using keywords that are not relevant, and then enlist them all in one campaign.

At PPCWinner, we know this is not the path to success on Amazon.

In most cases, these wide approaches will decrease the reach of the ad.

Increased Bravo’s total sales by 575%
Increased total numbers of orders by 400%
Reduced Monthly ACoS from 52.67% to 17.25%
Our Methodology

For Bravo, we helped by creating two research campaigns, one manual and one automatic and two convert campaigns utilizing our highly advanced datamining methodology and algorithm. This process can track and find keywords that convert, keywords that will make a different. Our tools and algorithms analyzed the competition, located the keywords that were stimulating sales, growth, and putting them on the front pages of Amazon. In addition to this, we found converting keywords based upon what Amazon customers are looking for – and process high search volumes. Collecting all this information, PPCWinner employed their tools and software to create profitable Amazon advertising campaigns, which helped Bravo’s total sales to jump by nearly 575% leveraging them to stay ahead of their competition.


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