PPC Winner FAQ

What is PPC Winner?

PPC Winner is a robot called Steve, based on a super-advanced algorithm that creates and manages fully automated advertising for Amazon's sellers within Amazon. All the client has to do is to tell Steve which product he wants to advertise, the daily budget, who are the competitors and the cost of the product. Following that, Steve will set up advertising campaigns from scratch. He will research keywords for the product itself and for the competitors and manage the advertising on a daily basis. Steve will find phrases which do not generate sales and on which the client is losing money and exclude them. He will find the keywords on which the client sells and will promote them, advertise them in order to generate more sales from these words, manage advertising budgets, etc. Additionally, Steve knows how to relate to past advertising data and thus prevent any unnecessary waste of money.

Why do I need to give authorization to PPC Winner to connect to my Amazon account?

In order for us to set up and manage campaigns, we need to log into the client's account and to do so we need to receive permissions to the seller's account.

What should I do if I get a failure message while connecting my seller account to PPC Winner?

In the event that you are not able to connect, you can contact us directly through the Chat Box or through “Contact Us” on the PPC Winner site and the Technical and Support Team will be happy to help you with this or any other issue. 

My free trial has expired. What will happen to my Enabled Promotions?

In the event you decide not to continue to use the paid service, the campaigns that Steve set up and managed will be archived and you will not be able to use them in the future

Why do I need to fill in the product cost when I add a new product?

It is not essential to add this information. However if you do provide all the requested details, Steve is then able to manage your advertising in relation to the profitability of your chosen product and he can make unprofitable keywords negative, change bids, etc..

What is ACoS?

Advertising cost of sales = The percentage of sales attributed to the amount spent on advertising We warmly recommend that you read the detailed article which we have written on the entire subject of ACoS and which you can find in our blog. To review the article, click here.

Why do I see lots of campaigns created under my seller account?

The management of a professional campaign requires the establishment of several campaigns at the same time which are divided into two parts. "Research campaigns" and campaigns with phrases that have made a number of sales and which we want to promote. It is therefore necessary to establish four campaigns: 2 research campaigns for the purpose of finding new phrases and 2 advanced campaigns that are divided into ‘phrase’ and ‘exact.’

How does Steve manage my campaign budget?

Naturally, during the initial phases, Steve allocates more money to the research campaigns and as the process advances, the more advanced and profitable campaigns will benefit from a larger budget.

How does Steve manage my campaigns’ search terms?

Steve is based on an super advanced algorithm which knows how to find those phrases on which the seller loses money and those which do not generate sales. He thus excludes these same phrases from the campaigns.At the same time, Steve will find those same phrases on which the client makes sales and those he will promote with the advanced campaigns he has created.

How does Steve manage my campaigns’ keywords?

Steve's advanced algorithm is based on the daily analysis of hundreds and thousands of keywords from the client's campaigns and according to the data received, he makes decisions about whether to increase, decrease bids or exclude keywords. These actions help to locate the point at which it is worthwhile for the seller to pay for advertising on those keywords.

Do I need to run the campaigns myself or to know how to use the Amazon advertising system?

No! The beauty of PPC Winner is that it requires no prior knowledge of advertising and nor do you have to spend precious time managing your campaigns. Steve does everything - he creates research and manages your advertising on an ongoing and daily basis. 

In which Amazon markets can I advertise using the PPC Winner System? 

At present PPC Winner is available for use in the U.S. Within a short period of time,  other markets will be added.

Can I stop advertising whenever I choose?

Each step of the way gives you the option to stop advertising and to reinstate it at a later date.

Can I see all the data in Amazon Seller Central?

All the information about your campaigns appears in your Amazon account and you have full control over them. Of course you can view all the data of your advertising campaigns in your Amazon account and see what Steve has managed for you.

Is it advised to make changes to the campaigns that Steve is managing?

Any intervention by YOU in Steve’s Virtual campaigns could disrupt the advanced algorithm and damage your advertising results. THIS SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

Can I simultaneously run campaigns on the same product at the same time as Steve?

Sure, Steve can manage your advertising parallel to the campaigns you run.

Where can I see data for my campaigns and what other information can I get from Steve?

You get lots of information about your campaigns on the PPC Winner dashboard. On this screen you can see:A. What stage your campaign is at.B. What Steve has achieved for you.C. Which recommendations Steve has for you in order to optimize your product page and thus sell more.D. And much more interesting info.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself fully with this screen.

Do you also send information via email?

Yes, absolutely! We send weekly information about your campaigns. This information can also be found on the system's dashboard.

Where is it possible to see which campaigns are currently active in the system?

Each step of the way gives you the option to stop advertising and to reinstate it at a later date.

Can I see all the data in Amazon Seller Central?

All information is on the Promotion Manager Screen. Here you can find out which campaigns are active and which are inactive.Here too, you can run a campaign that you previously stopped as long as it was not archived.